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Today is a great day as we officially launch DigiLEARN: Digital Learning Institute.  DigiLEARN is a new non-profit organization focusing on the acceleration of digital learning for all learners.  Great infrastructure and technology does not bring about change itself, but by combining educators and technology with strong leadership, vision and planning – we can change how we educate our children and workers.

Teachers are the most important part of a child’s education, but through the use of innovative and effective technology tools, we can engage students and adult learners with individual learning options and we can give educators expanded instruction opportunities. 

In addition, DigiLEARN will focus on cultivating an innovative economy where education start-ups and entrepreneurs can thrive. 

It’s a privilege to be joined on the DigiLEARN Board of Directors by two other former governors, policymakers, educators, business leaders and technology experts.  In addition, we are being counseled by some of the nation’s leading advisors on education technology and ed tech start-ups. 

Today we start our critical collaborative planning process as we seek diversified input in building the DigiLEARN framework moving forward.  This is the same kind of collaborative model we successfully used in building one of the most innovative educational broadband networks in the country.  During this collaborative process we will evaluate best practices and test innovative possibilities.  We will take the best solutions and successfully scale them across the country.

Technology provides the opportunity to learn 24/7, not just behind the school house walls.  It provide us the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere, regardless of zip code.

Every year, about four million children are born in the United States.  That means each day, around 11,000 people have the opportunity to begin a lifelong learning experience.  Effective use of technology can empower each of these educations.