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The following is an excerpt from an article on EdNC by Yasmin Bendaas. For the full article, click here.


A Pandora station streaming Demi Lovato played in the background of Sally Schultz’s sixth grade classroom at Knox Middle School in Salisbury. Students — some seated on couches, some around a desk, and others on the floor — broke off into competing teams to solve EOG (End-of-Grade) practice questions. All of them held iPads.

“Rowan is a 1:1 district. All of their students have iPads or laptops. The teachers do as well,” said Myra Best, executive director at DigiLearn, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding digital and personalized learning opportunities for students and teachers.

In 2016, DigiLearn launched the Digital Scholars Initiative to cultivate teachers like Schultz as leaders and models for technology use in classrooms. Digital Scholars teachers receive professional development, extended employment, and time outside the classroom to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills necessary to turn their classrooms into digital learning labs.

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Photos by Yasmin Bendaas, EdNC.