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By: Peter Cunningham

We at Education Post are thrilled to welcome to our Advisory Network Bev Perdue, former governor of North Carolina and the current chair of DigiLEARN, a nonprofit institution designed to accelerate digital learning opportunities.

A former public school teacher, Gov. Perdue has been a tireless advocate for educational excellence and elevating the profession of teaching.

As governor, she worked to transform North Carolina classrooms into 21st-century learning centers through increased technology in the classroom and an online school initiative. She understands clearly that the success of our nation’s education system will define its economic future.

Perdue grew up in the coal mining mountains of southwest Virginia and her parents never finished high school, but she said they always preached education and hard work as the path to success—and those are the values that continue to drive her today.

Education has fundamentally changed my life. It’s perhaps the mission of my life. I’m wed to it in a very powerful and personal way.

Those are the values she plans to bring to her partnership with Education Post.

In her opening blog, Gov Perdue argues that we need to launch “A Nation at Risk 2.0” to address the risk of educational complacency, especially around higher standards.

Source: http://educationpost.org/former-nc-governor-joins-advisory-network/#.VC1YKPldVnE