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In 2012, Gov. Bev Perdue recognized Alleghany High School for its outstanding progress in the use of classroom technology and digital learning.  

Alleghany High School used a 1:1 device initiative and 24/7 digital access and resources targeted to at-risk students with a history of academic struggle or lack of engagement.  School system leaders worked collaboratively with private sector partners to make connectivity at students’ homes a reality.  Appalachian State University provided teachers with literacy-based technology strategies and interventions in a workshop setting while also providing support through frequent onsite visits and digital communications. 

The graduation rate increased from 80.6% to 85.6% and the total performance composite increased from 79.8% to 87.43%.  Algebra I pass rates improved from 72.5% to 81.7% and Reading Grade 10 for economically disadvantage students was 85.7% exceeding the target of 78.9%.