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In 2012, Gov. Bev Perdue recognized Hoke County schools for their outstanding progress in the use of classroom technology and digital learning. 

The district used a multi-faceted technology approach that began with increasing bandwidth 150%, making sure all schools and district buildings had wireless connectivity and moving instructional applications into the cloud for access at home and school.  Hoke County implemented a district-wide Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative that increased the amount of available technology.  In addition, school personnel used Google Apps for Education to interact with content area experts, peers, parents and the community in real-life settings.  The district built a sustainable professional development program by implementing a train-the-trainer model.

From 2006-2012, Hoke County schools had gains of 10.8% in English I, 31.79% in Algebra I, and 31.21% in Biology.  Overall, the 4-year graduation rate rose 10% during that time.