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In 2012, Gov. Bev Perdue recognized Kannapolis Middle School for its outstanding progress in the use of classroom technology and digital learning. 

Kannapolis Middle School has integrated technology into student lessons and have increased student exposure to technology.  The lessons empower students to created products, connect with the world, and solve real-world problems.  Each team of 4 core subjects share a cart of netbooks and have access to computer labs and laptop carts.  Teachers participate in more than 30 hours of technology professional development each year and coaching teams provide teachers on-the-job, embedded professional development allowing for anytime, anywhere learning.  City schools, county schools, and county government have a merged network, allowing students and staff to have anytime access to online learning resources, sufficient storage and adequate bandwidth. 

Graduation rates have increased from 69.6% to 82.2%.  As part of that overall rate, males increased from 58.1% to 80.1% and students with disabilities increased from 28.6% to 78.6%.