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In 2012, Gov. Bev Perdue recognized Thomasville City Schools its outstanding progress in the use of classroom technology and digital learning. 

The Thomasville City Schools built a district strategic plan that focuses on technology to help achieve its objectives.  Thomasville uses the 1:1 laptop program that allow student access to computers with high school students taking their laptops home.  They also use a Blackboard Learning management system that allows students to access materials on demand with Discovery Streaming Video with students and teachers using Web 2.0 tools.  For professional development, Thomasville City Schools partnered with local universities to provide training for teachers.  In excess of 30 hours a year is spent on utilizing instructional technologies and strategies. 

From 2008-2012, the graduation rate was increased 18.2% points with substantial gains being made in Algebra I.  In grades 3-8, there was nearly a 20% gain in Reading with gains ranging from 18-33% in Math for most of the subgroups.